Jesse Kiefer (photo copyright Matt Gade)

There’s so much pressure to grow up and eschew things that made us happy as kids (or even the things that make us happy as adults).  My name is Jesse Kiefer and I encourage you to celebrate the things you love (the things that make you unique), furthermore I encourage you to collect and display images that symbolize the people and things you love no matter what they are!

Some folks hide their passions and keep them secret. Life is too short to only enjoy the things you are passionate about on a part time basis. Living is a full time job so you might as well enjoy it.



Vorpal Arrow Studios:

is the trade name of the studio under which I do all of my projects.

My work is mostly traditional pen and ink illustration modified digitally with a particular bent towards the creation of webcomics (daily comic strip style), custom commission pieces, and offering classes to children.

I like to dabble in a little bit of everything from building a park bench that looks like a cassette tape, to silly videos, to creating custom puppets (okay so far I’ve only made one… but he’s really cool).

I am influenced heavily by pop culture, poets, and children’s books.

I do accept commissions on request, my openings fluctuate and are based on current work load and what time of year it is. (As a teacher I have more time to accept commissions in the summer months, and limited time during the spring months.) If you are interested in my availability or prices I can be reached via e-mail at: (please put commission or vorpal somewhere in the subject line so your e-mail is not accidentally lost in my e-mail spam filter)

My work has included:

  • Text book Illustrations
  • Video Game Promotional Materials
  •  Illustrations for Websites
  • Custom Comic Book Wedding Invitations
  • Logo Design
  • Various Webcomics
  • Self-Published Print Collections


Just For Kickscomic-2013-01-15-jfkNY2011.gif

Every martial artist dreams of one day receiving their black belt and opening their own martial arts school.

Meet the Calihan brothers, Jace and Rex, and discover what shenanigans await them as they try to balance running a dojo, their sibling rivalry, and “having a life” in their free time.


The Grawlix Podcast

sidebarA podcast about comic books, web comics, and other geek culture media.  We love to talk comics and Doctor Who and the podcast is an opportunity to do so on the regular as well as a great excuse to discover and read new comics.  We also extend the conversation beyond ourselves to include reading suggestions, questions, and input from listeners/visitors and feature interviews with guests including comic creators and others working in our favorite of geek industries.

The Grawlix Podcast is a CLEAN show (or at least edited to be so) with language suitable for all ages.  We do, however, often discuss mature comics and the adult themes mature comics deal with.

The Vorpal Vlogs (YouTube)

vlog-bannerBeing a Puppet Enthusiast has it’s draw backs. Specifically when you live in a house full of puppets, they don’t always make the best roomies.

The Vorpal Vlog: YouTube Channel

As a full time Elementary Art Teacher sometimes I like to video tape the process.

Art Tutorials: YouTube Channel



Better Get Cozy

bgc006I did illustrations, comics, and even the occasional article for Cozy Couples (a blog about couples). The comics featured  here were focused on relationships and slice of life scenarios.





Tank-Zombie Studios

wordbubblelogo2Tank Zombie Studios is the collaborative efforts of Axton Kahler and Jesse Kiefer. Axton and Jesse are both art teachers in Fremont, Nebraska who enjoy working in a wide variety of media, including cartooning, paint, printmaking, ink, puns and more.

Tank-Zombie Studios Website


Other Places to Find Vorpal Arrow Studios influence or projects:

Cassette Tape Bench created for community arts project funding park benches and art association