Youth Art Month:

As many of you might remember I’m an Elementary Art Teacher in my day job so every year around March my life gets so insanely busy that I tend to miss an update, last year I tried to coincide my busy month with guest strips and art but seems everyone is busy in March so it became kinda tricky for people to make extra work. This week I present a Heraldry project of Awesome artwork that kids just left laying around in my room that I thought was incredble, from the obvious doodle of Ninja King! to the accidental awesome of the abandoned head of the “Uncertain Robot” (the unofficial title I’ve given it) to zombies and ghosts of the highest order Children’s art when not forced to fit into a box turns out some wildly awesome things. Enjoy this crest and we will get back to regular comics again next week! in the mean time I leave you with a picture of some Monkey’s my students drew (I told Allison if I ever retire from drawing Tank-Monkey she’s got the Job… mighty responsibility for a 3rd grader) youth Art month