Monkey Business:

businesscard-3Today’s comic marks 1 of 5 comics I have written to try rounding up this story. As I’ve stated in the past this story is the one thing I’ve been waiting on before I earnestly start compiling the first print collection for Tank-Monkey. There’s a real temptation to just put out a book of the comics in order and be done with the thing but I’m not rushing this one. Obviously each book I put out should improve but I really want the opening Monkey book to be special. In other news I’ve been sporting some very plain Jane almost Boring business cards at cons. I’m happy to unroll new cards. That’s probably not a huge thing but I’m excited. For whatever reason Business cards are one of those things that make you feel like the real deal and my cards finally show a little bit more what I’m about.


Grawlix Podcast:

ITunes LogoLately we’ve been doing gangbusters over at the Grawlix Podcast. What’s the Grawlix Podcast you say? It’s a pop culture/comic book podcast that I’m lucky enough to co-host with the dynamic Randal Silvey and Melanie Crawford! We discuss all sorts of comics, webcomics, movies and all sorts of general awesomeness. We’ve been expanding things out to include some convention specials as well as some great interviews. Since I last mentioned the Podcast here we’ve even added some YouTube specific content that’s been really rad! The monthly podcast gets chapterized and posted so you can jump straight to the content you are interested in more quickly and easily. The Comic News Round up features Animated Randal and Melanie reporting no shortage of awesome current events. Finally one of my favorite segments is Grawlix nights which has wound up being a really fun corollary to the monthly show adding extra content and interviews, including a bio from Melanie, and interviews from After Daylight’s Sarah Roark and Frank Mula of AA88 Press and the comic “The Devil you Know”. We will be recording December’s episode coming up this weekend but pop on to the Grawlix Podcast website for EVEN MORE content including reviews, monthly comic release lists and SO MUCH MORE!