The One and Only Candy Corn:

TM128detailYep, he’s back and Candy Corn is just as tasteless and ill conceived as last year… and I’m talking about the candy… my Candy Corn character is clearly even worse. Glad to see this yahoo again along with our title character.

Fremont Area Art Association Show:

My awesome wife and I recently did an art show for our local gallery (Gallery 92 West). We had the Coloring books, prints, our originals, some of my Tank-Monkey Books, and put them on display.








Scream in the Dark Film Festival:

Scream in the Dark Film FestivalOur next Tank-Zombie Studios event appearance will be coming up sooner than you might think on Oct 17-18th we look forward to this event because it’s different than any of our other shows, we get to watch awesome movies on the screen in the Ballroom and the people who put on this event are AWESOME! Guys if you love horror movies you HAVE to check out this event! They are getting some incredible guests and it’s just a really fun time! Check out their web site¬†¬†