Today’s Batman themed image comes to us courtesy of Randal Silvey!

Randy is a man of many talents. He’s a man after my own heart, he doesn’t just see one thing and say to himself “this is the thing that defines me” he sees a project he wants to do and man he does it! Cuz people are multi-faceted and multi-talented! Most the time the only thing in our way is our own fear (ooh some straight up Roosevelt right there… call back to the story line?… nah. OR IS IT?!…).

Randy is fearless, I honestly believe this guy can do anything he puts his mind to.

If you don’t check out the following links? At least check out his hub site where you can see some of the artwork he’s been working on as well as the myriad of other projects the man throws himself into.

Kiefer, myriad like what you say?…

Making his own Digital music? Randy does it. Check out his latest compilation of remixes HERE! as well as his collaborative project Three Blind Minds:

Producing his own podcasts? Randy does it! Not just one… but TWO… (I’ve even been on this one)

He’s makes videos! And has done work on video projects for folks making their own independent films! As well as music videos for his own projects!

And he’s a voracious Pop Culture junkie with some of the best taste around! I think Randy and I could just chit chat about comics, Doctor Who, movies, you name it this guy has such an appreciation for it and he soaks it up like a  sponge. With all of those projects when I did my open call for guest art he dropped everything and was like “Hell yeah! I’m going to send you something for Tank-Monkey!” (that may or may not have been verbatim…)

So my absolute respect and thanks to Randy for all of his support and for the rad addition of a Tank-Monkey in the cape and cowl. In fact it got me thinking…. What would posses Tank-Monkey to dress up like this…  I could not help but do a little 5th panel style follow up to this image…

batmonkeyyep… that’s right… not for truth… not for justice… likely he’d dress like batman to mess with me. (meme image is not mine)