Panzer and his Axis of Primate Evil A.P.E. are taking Tank-Monkey down a notch in the current Tank-Monkey Tails Story Line. Things have been too good for our Tank-Driving super monkey and he’s taken his freedoms for granted well if it’s up to Panzer that’s all about to change.


Before we swing into the climax and conclusion of this story arc we’re heading into Holiday season which seems like the best possible time for me to do an all call for guest strips! You know… cuz you artists will have MORE time during the Holidays right? RIGHT?!


No I know better. But I’m gonna ask anyhow! I would love some Guest Strips, fan art, pin ups, whatever you have time for I would love to have something to post by November 11th but I will accept any and all Fan Art up until the end of November but would love to have some of it before November 20th. I will post these pieces spread out dependant on what I receive and when they arrive. The time they afford me will be used to build up some work for the story going forward as well as allow me the time to train for the upcoming Black Belt testing that will occur in the latter part of this month as well as next.


You can parody the current story arc, you can use your favorite one off characters (Radapotomus, Squirrel Yeti, etc…), it’s pretty much fair game, my only request is that you keep things pretty PG or PG 13 as I’m an Elementary Art Teacher and my students could potentially find their way onto the site. If it’s too risque I’ll love it and cherish it but I prolly won’t be able to post it. On that note this isn’t just open to adults… if I have readers who are super young and would like to send me some Tank-Monkey art I’d happily and proudly post it!


I will take the artwork in just about any size and dpi but I will likely resize it to about 700px wide so maybe double check that everything is still visible/legible at that size. Send any images to with “Guest Art” or “Tank Monkey” in the subject line so I see it right away and it gets past my spam filters.

Huge thanks and appreciation in advance to anyone willing to take this up! You are my hero!