Tank Monkey Unbound:

No Monkey BusinessToday’s comic marks only 3 more before we call it wraps on the Fall of Tank-Monkey story line. Nothing like fire reflected in your eyes to let a person know how serious matters have become. It’s nice to have Tank-Monkey no longer tied to a chair… was getting tired of drawing him that way. The image to the left is part of the artwork I’ve been doing working towards the release of the upcoming Tank-Monkey Collection tentatively entitled “No Monkey Business”. There’s still work that needs to be done but there’s a lot less of the work than there was a year ago.

Mouse Trapp:

wpid-snapchat-534527250218661481.jpgMy day job is elementary art teacher I see a lot of strange things and have so many stories and I’ve only been teaching for 12 years now. One of the most recent points of interest has revolved around a Mouse Costume that should not still be in our possession…. it however remains in the art room where it has been since the first quarter of the school year… well you leave a costume in the art room for the better part of a semester and you best believe I’m going to try that bad boy on… or at least the head. So… I present my mouse head selfie. BTW, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to take a selfie with a giant mouse head on… FYI it’s harder to do than you might think!