Charles Schulz

Is there an American cartoonist alive on this planet that doesn’t owe Charles Schulz a huge debt of gratitude? The answer to that… whether they realize it or not… is NO, there isn’t. ¬†Charles Schulz is basically the grandfather of all american cartoonists. His line work is simple and stylized, his strips are written with care and poignant relevance that resonates with readers across eras, and he practically reinvented the idea of the intelligent animal character and his role within a comic. Without Peanuts there’s no Garfield and no Calvin and Hobbes and from there you just name it. This isn’t the first comic I’ve referenced Schulz in and it likely won’t be the last, in fact I kinda want to bust out my big book of Peanuts right now.

Grawlix Bytes

Grawlix BytesI do this thing… when I am super busy instead of just doing all the things that are making me busy… I desperately want to learn and do anything but the things I have to. One of the things I’ve been really wanting to do is learn more of the craft behind podcasting. So recently with my Co-hosts Randy Silvey and Melanie Crawford’s blessing I deigned to try my hand at hosting a the first of a new segment for the Grawlix Podcast called Grawlix Bytes. It was kind of exciting because I recorded and produced that episode from start to finish! Now I’m not saying I understand all the nuance behind the craft of podcasting now but I feel pretty accomplished having recorded and edited my first episode. In that episode I have a conversational interview with my wife Holly Kiefer about our recent trip to Kansas City to attend Planet Comicon 2015. Please go check it out at The Grawlix Podcast Website.