Tank-Monkey Super-Friend: The Manicorn

teaserpanelfinaleThe Manicorn has been one of my puppet characters for awhile now, but I really enjoy drawing him from time to time. He featured most recently in the Motion Comic series that I did with Ben Kruger over at Lost No Longer Productions. Excited to bring him over here as… uh he has some interesting views that kinda jive in the Tank-Monkeyverse.

NO MONKEY BUSINESS The New Book Available to Order Now!:

Book-AD-AmazonIf you follow me on Facebook or Twitter then you may already know that the FIRST Tank-Monkey collection is out and available to order! Soon I’ll be able to offer it through the Vorpal Arrow Store but I have to wait until my orders arrive before I can start fulfilling personalized orders. If you aren’t worried about getting a personalized copy you can order the book now over at CreateSpace or Amazon.com. (I recieve more of the royalties if you choose to buy through CreateSpace which coincidentally is owned by Amazon.com… I don’t know how or why it works that way but it does.) I’m super proud of how it came out! It’s specially reformatted for print and includes many of my favorite pages from the site as well as a pretty hefty section of print exclusive content never before seen online!