Michael Bay:

Okay first… before I give that Schlep another moment’s thought… Let me tell you first about someone with actual talent Axton Kahler… The Necronomicon featured in today’s comic is distinctly the same Necronomicon that has terrorized the world of Zombie Oaks since Chapter 2. Axton graciously supplied the artwork for and allowed me to use his characterization for this page get over to his site and check out the insanely brilliant narrative he’s woven! Super huge thanks to Axton for the assist on this and for letting me borrow his character! Now… speaking of pure unrivaled evil… Michael Bay.

Okay I didn’t hate him at first but the stink of his evil is the worst kind…. it permeates slowly. It starts by being barely imperceptible The Rock… it wasn’t bad, it was a lot of fun I happily forked over my money to go see this redonk action packed romp… I should have known there was evil afoot when Nicholas Cage was involved… but surely Sean Connery couldn’t be tainted by anything that was truly foul… but evil had to be present… it had to be bubbling below the surface waiting to wake… Michael Bay went on and on and amassed more and more money and then…. He got Transformers… I don’t mean that he ever “got” Transformers (like he “understood” it?… nope.) but he held the controls to the live action motion picture version of my favorite cartoon and toys growing up. And although I was won over by the beautiful richness of Peter Cullen’s continued voice work as Optimus Prime… it was a ruse…. because we also got a Bumble Bee that pees on people, Shia LaBeouf, and Megan Fox too. It never got better… TF2 was worse… so much worse… TF3 was only decent because we had Leonard Nimoy opposite Peter Cullen… but still only better that the worst Transformers movie I’d ever seen… Then they gave Bay’s Production company the green light to ruin my OTHER childhood favorite Ninja Turtles… It’s now at a point where… I love Transformers as a property but feel like I shouldn’t admit it because then people will talk about the movies… NO! The cartoon, the comics, the legacy of that story is SO RICH it’s not fair that Michael Bay should get any credit for how he’s eroded it. I have no intention of seeing TF4 or Ninja Turtles… I’m a slow learner but not THAT slow.

Michael Bay…  the love I bear thee can afford. No better term than this,–thou art a villain.