Update 7-2-15:

Slowly but surely you might see some changes occur to the site. The first is the new header it’s nothing crazy as far as changes go but you might notice that added to the fold is the “Vorpal Arrow Studios Presents” Which really isn’t anything new because Vorpal Arrow Studios has been my Trade name for some time, but I’ve diversified what happens under that umbrella so it’s entirely possible that you might run into one Vorpal Arrow production and not know it relates to my other ones (Podcasting with Grawlix, Vlogging on my YouTube, colaborations with Axton via Tank-Zombie Studios just to name a few). I’d like to get better at linking all the things that I do and this being (generally speaking) my headquarters for all things Web related I want it to start feeling that way. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you will see ALL KINDS of things that you just won’t see here… and I’ve started to realize how backwards that is. I’m not saying that I’m going to stop showing stuff on my social media pages in fact I might actually increase my activity there but my goal is to start funneling a lot of my content here when I can and then sharing it on Facebook and Twitter freeing up those sites for interaction. Comics will still be coming on this site but moving forward I intend to use this space for a lot more than just the Tank-Monkey Comic. It’s going to take me some time to get that up and running so if things trickle in a little more slowly ¬†like they have been I apologize. I want you to know that I’m working on updating things about the site so it’s all happening even if it’s not always immediately visible.

Tank-Monkey: I’m Lovin’ It

First off I want to point out this this McDonald, Ohio is clearly a fictional Tank-Monkey McDonald, Ohio and bears no actual resemblance to Actual McDonald, Ohio. This comic yet again started as something that was ACTUALLY stated in my classroom towards the end of the year by one of my students… and quite loudly I might add.

O Comic Con

Tank-Monkey at O Comic Con!Uh holy monkey buckets (that’s actually very messy) O Comic Con was and awesome blast (BLAST-some!) We saw ole friends met new friends, had incredible neighboring vendors including the Two Headed Nerd Podcast who did a quick interview with me you can find on their Tumblr¬†. We got to meet Mr. McFeely saw Mick Foley stroll by and just had an awesome shenanigan packed rad-fest! If you missed out you missed out but good news… it’ll be back next year so you get another chance! DON’T BLOW IT!

Tank-Zombie Studios will return in: Britishfest 2015!

(I’m super psyched to see folks from last year in a new and improved location!)


Charleston, SC

20150607_203326Okay so outdoorsy water sport shenanigans are not my usual thing but seeing my friends… that’s totally my thing. So when my friends move to the east coast I take one for the team and… go to a really pleasant beach. As you might have noticed this (among other things) effected the update schedule. I intend to right this wrong and get things back onto what resembles a track… or at least a slightly worn (and easier to follow than most hiking trails) path.