Tank Monkey Notes:

vasAs with most plans… they change. Originally I thought it would be 5 strips to close out this story but clearly in writing and finally drawing the strip there was a clear and present need for an additional strip. On the bright side (for me) this is strip #2 of 6 and the next one (#3) is done and ready to go up next week. #4 is completely penciled and mostly inked and #5 is even mostly inked with only a few pick up panels left to draw. It’s only 6 that I need to get cracking on.

Then it’s time to get to work on the book. The strips are done but I want to make sure the story is formatted (or possibly re-formatted) for print. In strips like this it’s okay to jump from location to location without explanation but in the book some of these strips may be reordered or have additional text to make sure things flow. Also one of the web strips did not save properly and I may need to re-scan and rework a page as the high res file did not save properly.

http://www.ocomiccon.com/For the casual reader all this shop talk is likely a little much but… ┬álong story short I’m excitedly cruising towards my goal of having a Tank-Monkey print volume well before I table at O-Comic Con in May. Did I mention that we’ll be at O-Comic Con? Cuz we will be! Sharing the same air as the┬áHard Core Former WWE Champion and New York Times Best Seller… Mick Foley! do I sound pumped? Cuz I’m Pumped! But that’s gotta simmer till May. For now… it’s layouts and pencils for this guy!


In Review:

http://www.grawlixpodcast.com/2014/12/doctor-who-masters-of-earth-review.htmlSpeaking of pencils that reminds me of writing… and writing reminds me of this Doctor Who Review I wrote that’s posted over at The Grawlix Podcast Site! Lately I find myself more and more listening to audio books and audio plays as they are something I can really enjoy while I do some of my more mundane and drudge-like tasks throughout the day. I’m also a huge classic Doctor Who fan so Doctor Who Audio Plays? HECK YEAH! For my Tank-Monkey readers I’ll cut right to the chase. I highly recommend Masters of Earth put out by Big Finish if you are a fan of the First and Sixth Doctors. Firstly because this is a Sixth Doctor story set at the same time as a First Doctor story will take place one year later! Wibbley Wobbly!