Hey guys today is a special edition of Tank-Monkey, first you might notice that it’s in Gray Scale well that’s partly because several of the guest stars in panel 2 and on are from comics done mostly in grays… so… why so many guest stars?

Well I’m playing a game of tag set up by the good folks over at http://thehatandfat.wordpress.com/ it all started with this post HERE

and ripped right from that post…

“A few webcomic creators are playing a game of Tag. Simple rules:  We use one of the other creator’s characters in our own strip and they’re It, they must then use their comic to Tag another creator by doing a strip using their characters plus the creator they’re tagging’s characters.

Well, that sounded simple in my head at least.

Anyhow, there are 7 of us playing: (http://candytripcomicstrip.com/;http://www.lunarbaboon.com/;http://www.ninjaandpirate.com/http://tankmonkeycomic.com/http://adorablecrap.com/; and http://raindogcomic.com/; plus this site.”

AND the fork character in panel two is from our newest member to the game http://adamagedchildhood.com/

Wait Jesse… you were only supposed to tag one person… well the no tag back rule is in effect… here’s how I remember that rule… Everyone would let you TRY to tag them just to see if you COULD then IF you caught them they’d declare in the smarmiest voice possible “no tagbacks!” So I expect a lot of “NO TAGBACKS!” But COME ON! That many great characters? No way was I gonna pass that up!

Anyhow the majority of the comic I’m actually tagging http://candytripcomicstrip.com/ ! Get over there! Check it out! I dig his style he’s so good at conveying emotions in his characters! Do the archive dive! And have a great Thursday!