The Easter Snake Cometh

So yesterday was Easter, I hope you all had happiness, regardless whether that was due to Easter. And I hope you double checked your yard for Easter Snake shenanigans.

For us Easter is a good time to connect with family. Most of my immediate family works a job that requires them to work through Easter but we get to see my wife’s family for these occasions.

My Hair Cut Weekend

If you don’t  follow me on Facebook or Twitter… This weekend I lopped off a full foot of hair.

About every 2-2.5 years I donate my hair to Wigs for kids or a charity of the like. (Locks of Love is probably the most commonly recognized of the hair based donation charities, so yes… Locks of Love).

I like having long hair, there’s a decent amount of Male Pattern Baldness in my family  so when I get a dramatic hair cut I like it to be with purpose. 🙂

In the photo below you can see that I grow my hair far past the conventional length so that when I get a cut I can still keep it long enough that It goes back into the pony tail that most folks are used to seeing me in. (I teach Elementary Art so consistency is a pretty huge deal for them if I even shave my mustache that becomes a big deal.)

In the last two “hair harvests” I was foolish and cut it in the fall… that leaves me with “shorter” hair throughout the cold winter months. This year I was smart, toughed it out, and cut it in the spring. Not only is it spring but I waited until the temperature warmed up a bit. I’m either becoming more  thoughtful as I get older or I’m just more worried about comfort. 😉