Apologies for the week of pseudo silence also apologies for the lack of comic. Life has gotten in the way of making comics… It’s not that I haven’t written comics or even worked on comics, because I have, I just have not been able to finish those comics… (mostly the digital end of things).

This has been punctuated by the passing of my grandmother… It’s a sad time, and as anyone who has lost a loved one knows… it’s a busy time as well. Sometimes it’s busy because of all the comings and goings that are involved… and sometimes it’s just busy in your head… going over all of the memories, because from now on you’ve hit a limit. You won’t be able to add to the pool of memories anymore… at least not with grandma… You got what you got, so you have to love, cherish, and protect the memories you have.

But you don’t come to this site to hear about sadness and death so I apologize also for using this space for that… I just wanted to be honest about my absence and to assure you it’s not without reason, and it’s not going to last much longer.

In the absence of comics (which should be forthcoming again soon) I will not let this space sit fallow any longer… today’s artwork is a set of drawings I’ve been working on for June. In June my good friend Axton plan to exhibit together again at Britfest (which will be a convention celebrating all kinds of brilliant British entertainment) I’m not an expert of all things British or anything but I am a huge fan. Doctor Who, Sherlock, several of the hot British shows have captured my attention but I’ve also loved Classic Monty Python and Classic Doctor Who for a long time. So I’m hoping to have a Tank-Monkey version of each doctor ready… potentially as a print? Maybe just to inspire business for commissions or sketches? So here we have Monkey Doctors Three, Four, and Seven. (Fun fact in March I hope to meet Doctor Seven at Planet Comic Con in Kansas City, it’s become my focus for the trip ever since I heard about it.)

Folks thank you for stopping in, thank you for reading Tank-Monkey and thank you for your patience while I right the ship. You are greatly appreciated around here 🙂