ITunes LogoIntroducing the Grawlix Podcast!: If you are one of my twitter followers or a fan of the Vorpal Arrow Studios Facebook page then you have likely seen me share and Retweet some things pertaining to the The Grawlix Podcast.

Radio Shows and Podcasting are something that I’ve always been enamoured with. My good friend Ben and I (more about him later) used to record these mock radio shows late in the evening and well into the early morning hours. We had STACKS nigh mountains of cassette tapes of us just yammering in funny voices together. So I love podcasts, I like podcasts with and without stories… I like them whether they are about fandoms, politics, productivity, you name it. A compelling voice can captivate me for hours. So why haven’t I started one before? Simply put? I don’t have the “know-how.” Lucky for me I have friends who have that know how. Enter the redonkulously talented and versatile Randal Silvey! Randy has been the technical dynamo behind not one but tw0 podcasts! After deciding to put one on indefinite hiatus he has agreed to partner up with me to start a Third Podcast! (he’s crazy! He has too many projects! I’m an enabler! wait… what?!) The Grawlix podcast is hosted by myself, Randy, and Melanie Crawford. This podcast is our attempt at a CLEAN monthly podcast about comics… now that doesn’t mean that we’re pulling punches. It does NOT mean that the comics we’re talking about comics won’t be NSFW what we’re doing is talking about them in a less explicit way. You should be able to  have this podcast on while your kids play in the same room and not have to worry about covering their ears for any foul language. If our language does get a little out of bounds?… well like our good Grawlix laden spirit animal Q-Bert… we’ll give ourselves the Grawlix treatment with the G-bert dub over.

There’s a hundred Comic podcasts out there Kiefer! Why should we listen to you 3 yahoos? Well we’re gonna have FUN, we’re gonna GEEK OUT, and we’re not gonna get too high up on our high horses. We have some fun segments planned which I think you’ll like digging into some of the greats of comic past and present AND we’re gonna highlight Webcomics because uh they’re established I mean some have spanned better than a decade and the Webcomic list written by industry pros just keeps growing!

So! The first episode is live and we’d be honored if you’d give it a listen, you can find it on the Grawlix Podcast site here, or you can find it on iTunes here. We’ve recorded episode 2 and it will be on the way soon.


Lunch Break Season 2 (Return of the End): Speaking of my awesomely talented friends! My friend Ben (see I told ya I’d come back to it) is well underway on his second season of Lunch Break which also sees the return of… well… me! Holo Kiefer returns! I’ve been shooting scenes on green screen for Ben so he can cut me in via his split screen awesomeness! It might be obvious to you, but I’ve known Ben a long time and sometimes I forget that he’s playing every character in these. He slips so effortlessly into Russel that I forget that’s Ben sometimes. Anyhow check out the most recent episode below! I get a surprise comeback and a super surprise theme song!