You Know The Drill:

Sometimes it takes more than a Tank. Sometimes it takes a Tank that also has a drill with tunneling capacity!

With today’s page I tried creating it one panel at a time. Which means I didn’t draw it all at once like I usually like to do. I pointed out that I was going to try this in my one panel image blog update here. Well that was an interesting experiment but it’s not one I’m going to continue. (Unless I’m doing a one panel comic that is.) I mean there’s things I really liked about making the comic that way… I got to focus on one thing at a time and treat each panel like its own piece. Each character image as unique… but that lends to some inconsistencies. The process also slowed me down considerably. (Not all of the slowdown was this one panel at a time process but it did contribute) I gave myself excuses why the comic wasn’t ready to put together and rather than that motivating me to continue and finish. I let it give me reasons to take extended breaks in my production. Well live and learn on that front.

Scream in the Dark Film Festival:

Mr. K rocking the Bowler and working his magic at the Table!On October 4th-5th mi amigo Axton Kahler of Zombie Oaks and I tabled for the first time at a local Horror Film Festival called Scream in the Dark. Guys it was just such a blast. We didn’t make as much money as we have at conventions past but you know what? We paid off our table and our con expenses and we probably laughed harder than we’ve laughed at a con and just generally had a great time and had great conversations. Now you might think to yourself… “But Kiefer, your comic doesn’t really have anything to do with horror!” Yeah… you’re right. But I like horror! Always have enjoyed horror and I really enjoy campy horror. (Okay Kiefer likes camp… that probably doesn’t surprise anyone). Being that I don’t draw a whole lot of horror I tried my hand at some Horror Sketch cards and pushed myself to do some new things that weekend. It was good. And in the mean time we watched awesome horror movies all day both days. favorites definitely included the movies of Christopher R. Mihm. If you love cheesetastic horror or sci-fi from the 50’s them do yourself a favor and visit his website. Mihm, Mihm… why does that sound familiar? Well if you listen to the podcast that I do with Randal Silvey (The Grawlix Podcast) then you might remember that Randy did a great interview segment with Mihm on our OsFest episode!