So much stuff going on folks! SO MUCH! This past weekend my good friend Axton (yes of zombie oaks) and I went down to Planet Comicon in Kansas City.

It. Was. Awesome.

AmendOkay I got to meet lots of cool people but the most relevantly important person I got to meet that I have to tell you about was Bill Amend. As far as influences go Amend is a HUGE one.

Fox Trot has always been one of those comics for me that was smart, timely, and relevant. Amend was very cool, friendly and attentive. One of the classiest folks I met all weekend.

The Con really reinvigorated me in a lot of ways. Β That’s not to say I’ve been sitting on my thumb lately because I haven’t and I plan to have another blog post coming up later hopefully this week that should shed some light on…. “What has Kiefer been up to?”

But yeah seeing so many awesome creators in one space really got me thinking about what’s next for ole Tank-Monkey… Stay Tuned!