When we last left off (end of Chapter one  you can read here) Panzer sent Shreek Baboon in his battle walker to rendezvous with Baron Silverback, presumably to do some harm to our hero. Today’s comic is a slow start back into the story but it introduces a character I’ve been wanting to add into the fold since I created him way back when I completed my first year of #30characters… Mr. Ogden.

BONUS! I did a #5thpanelguest shot  for Axton Kahler’s zombie oaks! You can view the original  here! and the 5th panel Here! why should you look? GWAR… that’s why… just GWAR.


UPDATE:7-18-13: #5thpanelguest spot! By the talented Mr. Justin Voss! of the delightful webcomic A Damaged ChildhoodJustin shows exactly just how serious he is about his lawn and his responsibilities as a member of his local neighborhood association. Poo flinging… it’s a strip about monkeys and Justin has brought us our first poo fling! Well Done indeed sir! Justin’s strip A Damaged Childhood  is a webcomic which plays on nursery rhymes and fairytale characters that we all know and grew up with. Think Fractured Fairy Tales with the volume turned up to 11! He’s also written a number of awesome blog pieces about social networking guest strip trading game of tag that Justin and I both participated in. Remember “Tag?” that was all part of the game and I drew Justin’s Fork character. All of this… AND he’s opened his archives to the #5thpanelguest treatment! So soon you’ll be seeing 5th panels over at his site as well! I’ve already got some ideas brewing…

Essential Reading List as I see it.

That’s just a good place to start. Thanks Justin! Hope to see even more #5thpanelguest shots from you in the future!