Free Comic Book Day!

wpid-20140503_102231.jpgThis weekend was awesome! It was my first year being a free comic book day day artist at Krypton Comics in Omaha, NE. You might not think that’s a huge deal but you literally could not find a parking spot… folks had to park in parking lots several lots over. I got to do all sorts of artwork and even sold a few sketch cards. I got to see so many awesome comic fans out having a super good time, I really felt like I was part of this super cool event.

Unfortunately I did get nailed with a little bit of yuck. So many people in one room you can help but breath some gunk in. So today’s comic is not the normal fare around these parts but i didn’t want to leave the space blank…

Oh Squirrel Yeti… WHY?! Why can’t I ever see you?!