Beware the Ginger Splotch

Every year I avoid the sun like the plague. Being a Ginger of fair complexion leaves me wildly susceptible to sun burns, you might think that a healthy tan would help fix my problem with sunburns but I don’t tan… my freckles just get darker. It may or may not cause me to grow to the height of a daikaiju beast… if not this may or may not make me at least as dangerous as one… if not the resulting sunburns may or may not make me a whiny sissy ginger baby. Just Sayin.


British Fest

Getting ready to do another show with Axton Kahler of Zombie Oaks under our joint moniker of Tank-Zombie Studios! We’ve been working really hard to really crank out some quality British themed artwork for the last couple months and boy howdy do I think we’ve done some RAD-Tastic work! Creating custom artwork and prints that will be available for purchase during the weekend of the show.  What is British Fest? It’s the Midwest’s premiere festival/convention for all things British! Happening the last weekend in June head on over to to find out all the details and to purchase your tickets before the show! Please stop by to see all the cool work we’ve gotten ready for the show, many pieces are one of a kind and most of the artwork is newly created exclusively for this show so supplies are extremely limited. If you know you are going to the show and would like to set up a commission you can contact me at jesse(dot)kiefer(at) please put british fest or commission in the subject line to help your e-mail get past my spam filter. Or give me a holler in the comment section below. Sign up for a commission before the Con and I’ll have it ready for you to pick up that weekend 🙂

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