This week’s Fall of Tank-Monkey guest piece comes from the awesomeness that is Smaller Totems! Smaller Totems is done by the super talented duo of Roby Duncan and Lewis Lain.

Tank-Monkey got the Smaller Totem treatment in today’s guest piece! In the e-mail I got with this super awesome submission they gave a perfectly brief summary of what that means:

“The totems in our story are generally ‘plushie’ forms.  they are able
to interact with their world, but sometimes they require extra
firepower to protect their charge from the nastier nightmares–enter
the spirit form.

Each totem has a spirit form that can enter the dream world and
generally kick-ass.

We decided to do that with tank monkey.  first, we turned him into a
plushie.  then we created a spirit form he would take to kick ass in
our comic world.”

You seriously need to check out their site so much awesome to be had in their archives not to mention that once every two weeks they release a “Fan Totem” which means that if YOU have a favorite “totem” that has been your protector you can submit it to them HERE and it just might get the Smaller Totem treatment and be displayed on their site! Click Here to see some of the Fan Totems they’ve already done!

These guys are on to something really cool here and I hope to see a Smaller Totem print collection in the future because not only is the story idea really cool I just dig the style of the images. Mechano-TM may need an overhaul after seeing Tank-Monkey’s Spirit Form 🙂 just sayin!  Thanks again to the Smaller Totem Team for sending me guest art for this week!