I have no idea what is in this circle (aside from colored circles) I hope it's not profane...Color Blind:

Okay full disclosure… YES I am color blind NO I do not see things in grayscale that kind of color blindness is extremely rare. YES when I let people know I’m color blind they start in with the game of asking me how I see each thing. Or they make the joke about how the color of the thing they have is actually another color because well I’m color blind… generally it doesn’t offend me unless someone wants to suggest I couldn’t do my job as an art teacher due to it. THAT I take some exception to. I’m darn good at my job and I work hard to make sure that I’m fair in my assignments and my assessments. If ever I can’t see a color or I’m not sure about it, I double check with someone. I’m not sure what you would call my color blindness as it seems to cover a decent number of colors  (I can’t pass a color blindness test to save my life). But yes I can see all of the core colors of the color wheel just fine. What that means is I have trouble with certain tints/shades/intensities of color. So what that means for me as a comic creator…

  • I started with Grayscale comics in my first webcomic series Just For Kicks
  • I stick with a limited color pallette whenever possible
  • I tend to use the same colors over and over.
  • I have folks check most of my comics before they post (ironically I had Axton Kahler check THIS comic about color Blindness and he suggested the more orange hue for the hair)
  • I agonize the color a decent amount
  • I sometimes use neutrals or a color that’s overly bold because… well I can see it and I know what it is.
  • I’ve had a header image with red-ish hued monkeys on this site for an embarrassingly long time. (nope didn’t change it… couldn’t be bothered)
  • You probably didn’t know until just now… did ya? ha!

Manga Studio 5:

ALSO, this comic marks the first comic that I created using Manga Studio 5 instead of Photoshop. I’m not sure why it took me so long to try out this software it’s pretty great. I guess I thought Photoshop couldn’t be topped for how I produce (most of the comic is drawn traditionally and scanned) this comic was no different, still scanned but the process once inside the program is just more intuitive than I was used to. Sure photoshop is still great but man if you are a poor (financially) cartoonist like me and not sure you want to shell out a creative cloud membership each month? I highly recommend you take a look. MS5 costs as much as ONE month of Creative cloud for some folks!