ZOMBIE OAKS GUEST STRIP! Hey everybody! Not only do you get a Tank-Monkey update today but I also did a guest strip over at the brilliantly bizarre zombieoakscomic.com! If you’ve read my previous review of Zombie Oaks then you know that I am a huge fan of the work that Axton Kahler has done. Check it out! You might have to dive into the archives to get all the references in my guest strip today… OH HEY! (It’s like a I planned it that way…. MUHAHAHAHA! It’s for your own good I promise!) Read it from the beginning I assure you you’ll love it!

What I’ve Been Reading Bonus Webcomic Review!

woohoo1WooHooligan!This strip written by Sam Dealey has quickly become one of my favorites on my list of regular reads. From his “about” section:

“Samuel Isaac Dealey – software engineer, cartoonist, autistic and in general eccentric weirdo. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Lived all over.”

Sam’s style is fun and original. I think my absolute favorite thing about it is how emotive his characters are. I dig facial expressions, always have, and Sam NAILS them whether he’s doing images of pupil-less gods or extreme close ups he can exact an emotion with incredible accuracy and subtlety.

Sam writes the strip as a sort of a gag a day style and he hits topics all over the board from Greek Mythology to Pop Culture to Societal Concerns and he’s very good at delivering the funny. So good in fact that he makes it a point with most updates to offer more than one punch line with his Alternate Endings! Which as you know is a concept near and dear to me as that’s kinda what the #5thpanelguest project is all about, which by the way Sam has also been kind enough to get involved with.

RIGHT NOW Sam is running a Kickstarter campaign to get his comics published into ebooks. He’s only asking for help to afford the isbn numbers and his goal is very attainable. He’s not asking for astronomical printing costs but if you help him you gain access to his comics in a fun way that you can read at your leisure! Comic Creators: he’s offering some great options for exposure in his Kickstarter reward tiers. Check out the Kickstarter and please consider supporting a webcomic artist like Sam. As creators we try to offer as much as we can out of our own pocket which sometimes makes it very hard to get anything new off the ground due to lack of funds… so if I can help even a little… I’m “in.” I hope you’ll join me.


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The comic: http://www.woohooligan.com/

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Sam’s DevianArt Page: http://woohooligan.deviantart.com/

Sam on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/datafaucet

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