Back To School but first… Comic Con

Yep, it’s that time. Time to go back to school but before I did… I squeezed the ever-loving last drop out of summer break first by going to Kansas City Comic Con the weekend before I had to return to school for pre-service workshops.

20150808_140156My friend Dave and I drove down to Kansas City early on Saturday August 8th to be a part of this first year con after checking in…. first thing was first and we got in line to meet Colin Baker who was already there and signing autographs when we got there! Dave and I are big fans of Doctor Who so Colin Baker was a big thrill to meet. It was kinda awesome as an attendee to be able to get in line and have a relatively short wait for really anything you wanted to do or see. If it were Planet Comicon I don’t think I’d have gotten to sit in on his Panel… but at KCCC it was a relatively simple matter in fact we were in the second row, which was awesome! We didn’t take this video but someone kindly posted his panel in 2 parts on YouTube. Unfortunately my favorite bit was right where the split occurs and I think a little bit of it gets lost in between but you get the idea and it’s definitely worth a listen whether you are a fan of Colin’s or a Doctor Who fan in general.

Part 1:

Part 2:




20150808_113926Second on my list was to meet the incredible Joe and Allison Flanders at the Ninja and Pirate table! I tell you what I was really nearly as excited to meet Joe as I was the Doctor! I was originally going down just for Colin but when I heard Joe was going I would have gone to KCCC even if Colin had
cancelled I would have made the trek for Joe and the awesome comic creators on the list! Joe does the awesome webcomic Ninja and Pirate. I’ve talked about it before and even done a review/shout out for it here on the site as well as on the Grawlix Podcast. How much do I respect what Joe does? I asked him to write a foreword to the first Tank-Monkey book and he absolutely nailed it! Joe and Allison were as awesome in real life as they are on twitter and that’s tough cuz Joe’s pretty darn awesome on twitter. Joe, good job living up to…. yourself? But seriously it was awesome to meet you in person. I made sure to pack a copy of both Joe’s book to have signed and a copy of my own book to gift to him as a small thank you for the awesome forward he wrote for it.

I could write way more about this subject but you know what? I bet I just might record a podcast about this very subject so I guess maybe I’ll make you wait for the rest HA! HAHAHAHAHA!