valentine cornValentine Corn folks… Valentine Corn. Ideas come from all sorts of stuff, and most of the most disturbing ideas come from trips to Wal-Mart.
I went to walmart to return a defective product and I stumbled across valentine corn. Candy Corn already gets a lot of strange reviews in its status as a candy so when I saw “Valentine Corn” on the shelf If I had to think becasue cross use of candy is pretty common lately… Cadbury came out with the “Screme Egg” as an opportunity to bring out their “Cream” Eggs more than once a year. But of  all the candy I can think of to become a “new” candy for Valentine’s day, what could possibly be the absolute WORST choice for a holiday with true love for its central theme? Candy Corn.


Well one more bit before I let you be… an “EASTER EGG” if you will?

Possibly my favorite panel of  today’s comic if just because it marries my love of horrible puns with my love of art… I present to you, Candy Warhol.