What is #5thpanelguest?

#5thpanelguest? What’s that?  Well, it’s a game that my friend Axton and I invented by accident when Tank-Monkey guest starred in this comic.Small-Things I was so inspired by the fact that he was appearing in the comic I followed it up with this little drawing…Small-Things-5th almost like a 5th panel for the comic… So Axton planned to post it along with the comic when it went live. After that we were off to the races!

That was May 20th and a few days later I wrote this monster blog post on the idea and the game.

Before we knew it we were drawing “5th panels” for whoever would let us and encouraging others to do the same. That was almost a year ago and we have had an awful lot of fun watching people create 5th panels for others’ comics as well as for our own. In fact Axton and I even did 5thpanels for 5thpanels in some of our most meta work to date.

In honor of the game and this one year anniversary I’m skipping a few updates to shoot out some 5th panels for other people so rather than begging you to come here and look at MY comics… I’m gonna beg you to go to other people’s sites… and look at my comics in relation to THEIR comics!

Confused yet? Check out Axton’s click ->most recent comic for an example… read his comic then look down in the blog and you’ll find my follow up panel.

I’ll be back with regularly scheduled Tank-Monkey updates as soon as school is over. New comics will resume MAY 28th!  But I’ll update this space each time a new #5thpanelguest is posted somewhere also watch Twitter and search that hashtag to see any that might occur!


5th Panel at The Hat and Fat

5th Panel at Zombie Oaks