MAN! Not ANOTHER Monkey Comic!

I know I know the web is littered with webcomics about monkeys but THIS dear readers is a comic about a Monkey who ALSO drives a Tank!

Tank Money is an online comic strip that follows the exploits of the title character Tank-Monkey a super smart monkey (both in intelligence and in mouthiness).

This comic includes:

  • Tank-Monkey’s adventures both past and present.
  • One off comics exploring silly ideas, things I over heard while waiting in line,
  • and just plain snapshots of things in the life of a Tank Driving Monkey (or his friends).

This monkey comic however, is not merely about tanks, it’s about life. (deep, I know.)

So Let’s Meet the Cast!


He was once your average run of the mill lab monkey until the secret organization  known only as ENEMY performed unknown research experiments on him. These experiments gifted him with a heightened intelligence, and the ability to communicate using human speech. Discovered by the military and freed from an ENEMY facility (ENEMY being a covert terrorist organization) he was taught, by military scientists to do a myriad of things, but his favorite thing, the thing he took to most quickly?…  You guessed it, he learned how to drive a tank. He values all things “tank” and the majority of his English was gleaned from what he had heard on Television programs and from old war movies. His “dated” vocabulary often makes him sound like he is from a much older era than he actually is, and he doesn’t often understand everything about the modern human world (as it wasn’t presented in his war movies of choice).

Dr. McScience Monkey

Since escaping the trappings of life as a lab monkey Tank-Monkey cares very little about science but when the situation calls for science… he calls on Dr. McScience Monkey. Tank-Monkey and Dr. McScience Monkey met back in those lab monkey days. Dr. McScience was subjected to all of the same experiments as Tank-Monkey but where Tank-Monkey gained the gift of speech Dr. McScience Monkey did not. However what he lacks in the gift of gab he more than doubles in the department of brains. He is a prolific inventor and prefers to work in his lab over having conversations anyhow. He has however developed a system whereby using simple symbols he can communicate most ideas effectively.

Jonas is the adopted nephew of Tank-Monkey. Like his uncle Tank-Monkey and Dr. McScience Monkey he was also part of the military experiments that augmented them and he has been with them and lived with Tank-Monkey ever since. Tank-Monkey feels responsible for Jonas and has taken him under his wing, but tries to keep Jonas away from danger and out of trouble whenever possible. While trying to learn about the world and mentor under the tutelage of both Tank-Monkey and Dr. McScience Monkey Jonas often has a hard time keeping his focus. The only thing he seems to focus on well is his part time job as a Barista at a local Coffee House.


Normally a mild-mannered citizen Collect-o undergoes a manic obsessive need to collect things (albeit through villainy). He has an arsenal of bizarre collectible gadgets.He sees the augmented primates and Tank-Monkey’s  Solar Tank as “one of a kind” meaning they are a top priority for his “Collection.” Not only does he have a bizarre set of gadgets and tricks up his sleeve he also wears a bright green outfit like a classic comic book super villain of yesteryear. When his collection is complete will he hang up his spandex? Or will he simply find yet another thing he simply needs.

Professor Panzer

panzerApparently Tank-Monkey and his friends were not the only monkeys in the lab. ENEMY was not experimenting on monkeys just so they could become heroes that might save the day despite the fact that their ultimate purpose was never fully exposed it’s certain they were not up to any kind of good.  Panzer is a monkey who likewise is not up to any kind of good he finds Tank-Monkey’s track of being a hero for the people as offensive. He holds the opinion that a monkey with a tank is dangerous, and he has every intention of proving exactly that. He even went so far as to assemble a team of primates who were all survivors of the ENEMY labs to create A.P.E. (the Axis of Primate Evil).

Slamazing Sam
SlamazingSlamazing Sam is a former professional wrestler turned private investigator. When events in his Professional Wrestling Career took a turn for the worst (resulting in Sam’s manager being gunned down). Sam decided it was time to use his unique abilities to help others. He now uses his powers of Stealth and Deduction (which are actually the names of his right and left fists respectively) to help others. Although they haven’t been detailed Slamazing Sam and Tank-Monkey have crossed paths in the past and became fast friends.