Hey! It’s the first of November! My Friend Dave and I refer to this as the frightening first it’s kind of a holiday because all the Halloween stuff goes on clearance. It’s also frightening because now there’s nothing to protect us from the holiday machine that is Christmas… yeah I mostly blame Christmas… it subverts the other winter holidays at every opportunity so it deserves the most blame.

There’s so much going on lately that unless you’ve been following me on twitter or facebook you haven’t been getting the full scoop and even my social media homies probably aren’t aware of the full scope of the things I’m up to.

Martial Arts: If I don’t make it widely known enough, I have been doing martial arts for the last 20 years of my life… in that amount of time you tend to rack up a fair amount of injuries and ranks… In November I will be testing for my 7th degree black belt. As you might guess a fair amount of time has passed since I was asked to test for my 6th degree as 6th and 7th Degree Black Belts are relatively uncommon. In a bizarre sort of way my martial arts career led to my involvement in Webcomics. I started Just for Kicks several years back with the idea that I should “write what I know” I’ve enjoyed writing it and finally put out the book that I intended to put out several years back. I understand that Just For Kicks and Tank-Monkey are likely to have different audiences but I think you’ll find that if you like Tank-Monkey you’re bound to like some of the Antics that Rex and the characters of Just For Kicks are up to.


#30characters: The last two years I’ve successfully completed the 30 character challenge and I’ve come up with some great characters some I’ve used (even if I never intended to), and some that will never be used… It’s a fantastic way to augment the comics I draw and to get myself thinking outside of the typical universe I’ve established. I’ll try to do them this year as well… it’s a good challenge for me… it involves a lot of good time management skills that I really want to foster in the months to come. My returning challenger post is live here! And my first character is inked and should go up very soon!



When are we going to get a Tank-Monkey Book?!: I’ve decided on a theme for the first collection of Tank-Monkey strips which will comprise the first Tank-Monkey book. I’m not going to go with official volume #s so much as I’m going to follow the Watterson track and just have Titles and themed volumes. So it’s in the very early conceptual stages of development… I will give you more info as time goes on but I am making sure I don’t rush this book. I didn’t rush the Just For Kicks book but I still felt like I should have taken just a little more time on it and I want the Tank-Monkey books when they come out to be the absolute best products I can offer you. To give you a vague timeline since it’s unlikely to be around for Christmas…  you should expect to be hearing a lot more about this after the start of the new year. Expect it! Also… what kind of Bonus content sounds like a must for a first ever Tank-Monkey book? Ideas? I’d love to hear em!


Cons!: The Incredible Kahler (http://zombieoakscomic.com) and myself exhibited for the first time as Tank-Zombie Studios both at a local gaming convention and at Halloween Comic Fest for our local comic book store of choice! I’m a highly introverted in person so this was a huge step for me and one I’ve wanted to take for quite awhile. I’ve learned an awful lot in the process, and we’re going to keep doing them. These were small cons so we’re looking to go a little bigger hopefully in the spring. We also have a local one slated for the early summer! More info about those as we get them! We’re slowly building our offerings… if you are a Tank-Monkey reader and you can think of something you would like to see from me at future cons and events please let me know in the comments! I’m open to suggestions! What do you wish I sold? Prints? Shirts? Stickers? Sketch Cards? Custom artwork? and if so what kind? (Sorry Plush Tank-Monkey’s are the dream but they just aren’t gonna happen for awhile)

Enough about me, what about you?! Seen any good movies lately? What did you go as for Halloween? How’s life? We’ve been so busy lately I feel like we don’t talk anymore 🙂