ninjaandpirate.comNinja and Pirateis a webcomic about the unlikely friendship between a Ninja and a Pirate and all the hijinks that ensue when these action hero archetypes… share an apartment together? That’s right, slice of life meets action and adventure! Think the odd couple meets a Mike Tyson fight! Think FRIENDS meets Bad Boys 2! Think…. you know what? You read it and tell me!

Follow Joe Flanders (the mastermind behind this comic strip) on Twitter or Facebook and it won’t take you long to notice that this guy knows funny. he practically oozes it. Not only does he know funny but his art style is distinct, original, and ever evolving.  Joe is clearly a student of the craft of cartooning because each week he pushes the boundaries of what he’s capable of.  In a sea of talking head comics that all look and sound the same it’s a genuine joy to watch each update appear on his site .

N&PComic58Now saying that Joe gives us something new is not the sum total of the strip the real magic of it is that while giving us a new story telling experience he also very cleverly wraps it in something familiar and relate-able. He’s taken those action archetypes and crafted them into characters that you’d be happy to sit down and play video games with or chat with about the merits of the Nickelodeon programming of yesteryear. Despite Ninja and Pirate’s natural abilities and innate violent tendencies it doesn’t make it any easier for them to find jobs, navigate their interpersonal relationships, or  hide their bizarrely talented pet owl from the landlord. You quickly find out that Ninja and Pirate are at their roots just people. (Huh… that was an unusual sentence to type out.)

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