Motion Comic: This started as a fun way to add a side story and became a much more epic undertaking that i originally imagined. The main thing I didn’t realize about creating a motion comic is just how much art it takes to tell a story that moves with out it feeling like a vacation slide show. Even with all the art that I actually produced it seemed Ben could find a way to stretch and reuse the art in order to make the story telling more seamless. I learned an awful lot about story telling with this little experiment. I also have infinitely more respect for animators after this process.  Without further ado… The Season Finale of Lunch Break Season One! Episode 56!


This Took 7 pages worth of artwork and an awful lot of time to finish but… Here it is! I’m super proud of all the work that Ben and I put into these.  Now one of these days maybe I’ll learn how to do some of these on my own… not getting ahead of myself… Ben knows his stuff 🙂 Check out the rest of his Lunch Break episodes and just generally fun stuff over at