So much stuff this week!

Doctor Who Podcast Ramblings!: On Monday I got to do a podcast where I get to talk about all sorts of geekyness on Saturday Morning Dubcast 
+2 hours of Doctor Who (with additional side subjects including Batman, Man of Steel, Reboots, The Mist, and so on…)

5th Panel Updates!

Morochey! I added a #5thpanelguest spot on this site you should definitely check out the art style of this site very cool!

morochey5thpanelWoohooligan!: Also did a 5th panel for Samuel Dealey’s comic Woohooligan! which is a great gag style comic! Very fun emotive artwork! You should definitely check it out!

woohooligan5thA Damaged Childhood: Justin Voss of A Damaged Childhood also joined in on the #5thpanelguest fun he shot me an awesome 5th panel for my strip “It’s Been Too Lawn”  so I decided to return the favor (with a little cameo plugging Tank-Monkey in as the Monkey in Pop goes the weasel)

damagedchildhoodweaselpopGUEST STRIPS! UP and UPCOMING!: 

David Barrentine’s comic Batteries Also Included is a lot of fun with really cool characters I really enjoyed doing this strip. David’s got a shirt out “Pun Always Intended” so if you know me and my perchance to pun I HAD to weigh in on the act of Punning! CHECK CHECK CHECK IT OUT!


Coming Soon: A Damaged Childhood Guest Strip will be coming up in August! Stay Tuned for more info on that! Keep watching for it! You’ll be glad you did!

Tank-Monkey Buttons Coming Soon!: I got my shipping notification for these so they should be available within the next week or two pretty excited to be able to offer some merchandise!