Hey everyone! I’ve been so busy trying to spread the word about #5thpanelguest via my original blog post which you can read HERE… That I’ve forgotten to give some serious shoutouts on the main front page of Tank-Monkey so you could find and see them all (sometimes I forget that not everyone is on twitter… but in order to fully experience this?… you should at least creep the conversations… I’ll even give you another courtesy link HERE) (GET READY! Cuz this post is riddled, RIDDLED I SAY!… With courtesy links like landmines! One false step and we all get it!… that’s even funnier when you see Stephen McGee’s guest art… but I’m getting ahead of myself)

I’ve been super thrilled by the response to #5thpanelguest, it’s really starting to take off! I’ve been tracking as many of them as I can on the Blog post my hope is that this thing will spread to the point where it’s just impossible to keep track of, but while I still can? I will!

We have a really solid crew of folks making #5thpanelguest spots and an equally solid crew of others who have been kind enough to open their comics archives to receive the 5th panel treatment! (We need both in order to grow this thing! So it’s so rad that we HAVE both!)

Rain Dogs!: Today Tank-Monkey has a brand new 5th panel strip from Stephen McGee who is the mastermind behind the webcomic Rain Dogs please visit his site, give his comic a thorough archive dive (you won’t regret it), AND if you are headed to  HeroesCon this Friday through Saturday (6/7 – 6/9). He’ll be at Booth AA-2006 giving out free minicomics and doing free sketches. Come see the brand new Limited Edition run of his book compiling the first year of Rain Dogs!

His 5th panel harkens back to High Stakes (which was not a strip I was particularly in love with… in fact at one point I thought about pulling it from the archives… well now I’m glad I didn’t because #5thpanelguest made this turd SOOO worth keeping) You can click the image below to see the original paired with the 5th Panel art immediately below it!


Batteries Also Included: David Barrentine, of Batteries Also Included, took a strip I did and finished it the way it SHOULD have been finished. What’s not to love about this panel? David drew me dressed up like the 4th doctor (this is like the number one commissioned art request I get…”can you draw me dressed up as_____”), Tank-Monkey bests me in a pitch perfect manner, and walks off into a TARDIS. I love everything about it. Click the image to see it with the original strip.Tank Monkey Guest Strip


Zombe Oaks! You know?! This whole thing wouldn’t exist without Axton and his comic Zombie Oaks, not only because we never would have come up with this idea if it wasn’t for a Tank-Monkey cameo (spoilers… it’s coming!) in Zombie Oaks, but because Axton has been tireless! He promotes it both on his site and his twitter feed, he hosts #5thpanelguest spots on ANY of his strips, and to date NO ONE has created more #5thpanelguest pieces for other sites than him. My comics alone already boast 3 of his awesome pieces and counting! (one here at Tank-Monkey and two over at Just For Kicks). Click each image below to see the original strip with his 5th panel in the blog posting immediately below.


And… ME: I’ve been promoting it on Twitter but I have neglected to add here that I’ve also been doing some of these for other comics! (Let me tell you it’s so much fun!) Guys if you are feeling left out? Please throw out a request on Twitter or leave a comment on any #5thpanelguest related blog! there are plenty of artists who since they’ve started are really enjoying this project (myself included) and we would LOVE to make more! Anyhow, please click on any image below to check out the site that I made these for, give those artists some love cuz all of these folks involved are so dedicated and ridiculously talented!


Batteries Also Includedneverlupus5thpanelzombie-oaks-5th_8


Zombie Oaksraindogs5th_june5

Rain Dogs

Again! There is this and SOOO much more!  I can’t possibly talk about all of it in one post Check “the list” for more! And please consider joining the ranks of artists making these or the ranks of artists allowing these on their site.