Cable-and-x-forceuncanny-x-men-1-marvel-nowall-new-x-men-1It was a good weekend to read comics again. I burned through an awful lot of X-Books. Starting with All new X-Men reading from the first issue to the present (1-7) very fun! I’m a sucker for time travel so it didn’t take much to hook me on this concept but the writing is awesome which makes it even better. I won’t belabor this with plot points bordering on spoilers but if you haven’t heard the premise behind the book… the young original X-men from the past come to the present and encounter their counterparts from 20-30 years later (comic time is wibbly wobbly so it’s hard to say) pretty cool when Scott from the past puts on the red quartz glasses from the 90’s run of the X-men. That was a fun geek moment for me.


I followed this up by reading the first issue of Uncanny X-men, this wasn’t AS enthralling as “All New” was but they still manage to do some very cool things with the book. The end of the first issue is pretty much a jaw dropper. And the art although sometimes distracting IS awesome, it has a very fun street art approach. The art helps to sell the idea that Scott Summers is behind this underground resistance movement.


Apparently I wasn’t sated because I tracked down Cable and X-Force I haven’t been the biggest fan of Cable in the past but in the light of Avengers vs X-men this book is giving some characters some face time that needed to be in one of the books. I don’t know why this book held me the characters aren’t what I’d call overly big draws… Colossus is probably the biggest name Character outside of Cable himself but that’s good enough. I was always a Forge fan so to see him on a proper team again is good fun for me. I am curious to see where this is all going. I may even track down X-men Legacy after this… I’ve been really pleasantly surprised by this run of X-men titles!
Batman_17_FullBatman #17  is now infamous for a lot of folks… after some time to process it and some good discussions I think that because it was disappointing because the writing was so good that we wanted it to go on and on and on. Inevitably the arc had to end. I think that what we got in an ending to this arc was as satisfying an end as we were likely to get and still be happy with. There was a lot of hype surrounding this issue and despite what a lot of people might be saying… the tension was palpable and there were some awesome “oh my god, did he really?!” moments. Still worth a read even if it’s not the traumatic issue everyone was bracing themselves for.