Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles_16-665x1024Uncanny_Avengers_Vol_1_11350689650_Jan5So I delved into several issues this week that I have been excited to read but they just sit there until I can find the time to devote. Seems that this is how I consume my comics anymore. If I were patient enough? I’d probably just buy trades… unfortunately… a lot of good titles may or may not make it to trade… so rather than take that chance I have a mad stack to read.

So What I’m Reading:

I tore through Uncanny Avengers 1-3 and… I really like where this is going… it… kinda feels more like an X-men book right now though. Which is perfectly fine, I like X-men… but it’s billed like an Avengers book and I feel like Thor and Cap are getting seriously downplayed until the action. The driving focus of the book thus far has been on the Mutants heroes. The promise of a book like this was supposed to be the MESHING of some avengers staples with some X-Men staples so I hope this evolves a little. Minor quibble aside? I TORE through em so I musta liked em. (really good introspective moments from Wolverine) Not sure if I like this new Red Skull slant… but the jury’s still out. It’s interesting whether I like it or not.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 15-16 Surprised to see a character that came along much later in the animated series SLASH, the “evil” Ninja Turtle. It’s like they took the treatment of Toka in the second Ninja Turtles movie… made him fully grown hunter, gave him a dash of brainwashing, and slapped a black mask on him. He does seem more animalistic and dangerous. Fun… I see the next couple will feature Krang. Curious to see how the reboot is gonna handle him as we develop even further. Been digging this reboot. Donnie in particular is much more agressive… his intelligence now makes him much more frustrated with his brothers when they react based on faith or emotion. Mikey is fun loving but exhibits maybe the most compassion and heart out of the group. Leo is Leo but his absolute faith in Splinter’s teaching along with his discipline makes him holy cow more cool than I ever remember thinking about Leo. And Raph? I don’t wanna say he’s what you’d expect… but yeah… he’s the wolverine of the group… you get what you expect. Not that that’s bad… cuz it’s not.

Transformers: Regeneration One  #85-87 Wow, these books are WAY expansive… for starters? Most take place on at least 3 different planets. It all kinda ties back to Cybertron just as you might expect but… The Earth Saga held some of the biggest surprises and Scorponok unlocks the key Cybertron Genetics? He can turn the key that makes you more apt to be an autobot or a decepticon? Holy cow! What I considered a mild mannered autobot being morphed into something sinister that reminded me of Starscream in his prime? Yeah… I’m ready for another issue asap!

Conclusion: I’m really happy with these titles, I’ve enjoyed them… I wouldn’t recommend them to everyone. Uncanny Avengers has the best mass market appeal. But I’m not bored by any one of them. If I’m bored… then they tend to stay in the backlog pile. These 3 titles did not and I am pretty much up to date on them now. That’s a weird feeling, but not a bad one.