It’s been an interesting month, work has been hectic, Martial Arts has been hectic and home has been hectic as we prepare to have some foundation work done.

Oddly I’ve had more time to film quick Vlogs and episodes for the web series I’ve been collaborating with Ben Kruger on his channel.

First Relevant to Tank-Monkey and Vorpal Arrow Studios I’ve opened two new YouTube Channels.

The first one is for my Art Tutorial videos and can be found at

The second one is for Vlogs/Webisodes (similar to the Lunch Break videos but not necessarily connected to them unless directly stated so)

Finally! I love the most recent episodes of Lunch Break, the ones I’ve been in and the ones I haven’t. The one Ben posted today showcases footage done by myself and editing and effects done by Ben. I think it looks sharp and really showcases Frederick/Rad Tourniquet well. Well see for yourself and please if you like it Like/Subscribe/Leave us a comment.