Okay I’m really not a movie reviewer so what follows is not a review so much as a personal reaction without spoilers. So don’t worry I won’t ruin the plot for you… and I might even reinforce your curiosity.

So I’ll get this out of the way… if you’ve even seen pieces of the trailers then you know this movie is BEAUTIFUL. It visually captures so much. The frightening scenes are handled with such class that they become truly squirm in your seat worthy moments no matter how stoic you are. The broad sweeping scale of the sets is awesome several of the “underground” chambers give you this almost regal antechamber type feel. Even on the much smaller ships and vehicles the designs are so well done that nothing really feels out of place (except maybe the captain’s control panel on the human’s ship only moment of  “hmm not sure about that piece”) good sci-fi that is so fully encompassing is hard to come by. So this movie… at the visual level makes my artist’s eye swoon! SWOON I tell you!

And then I stop to think about the plot, and the characters, and the science, and the mythology, and even the universe (since it’s not Alien but it’s the same universe… I’d argue they didn’t try very hard to distance this…) and I have a hard time with it. I won’t give examples because I promised no spoilers.

There are some out there that have written huge blog posts about how “It’s great, you just didn’t ‘get it’ cuz there’s so much history”  for that kind of synopsis you can read this guy’s blog he’s likely onto something, (FULL OF SPOILERS) but I’d argue if you need a post that long to explain it… then this movie was not meant for mainstream movie goers. I don’t necessarily dig in that much nor do I expect to decode my experience with a movie like this.

There are many who just walked away saying “that was cool” and left it at that.

Then there are people like me… who are just conflicted. Too much left to interpretation, too many questions, which in the context of the movie garner different answers based on the scene… like Ridley Scott gave us a painting to look at and said “see what you want to see I just made this painting” and to his credit I think the movie is as good as it is because of Ridley Scott… my beef (if I have a beef… like I said I’m just conflicted by this movie) is with the writers… Damon Lindelof and some other guy? I definitely saw a Lost Season one type approach… here’s some cool stuff that you wouldn’t expect to find… just when you think you get it… nope don’t get it… the evidence you were given wasn’t conclusive… that or… he just changed his mind later in the script.

Well like I said I’m not a movie reviewer, but if you are looking for a recommendation? I LOVED how this movie looked, I LOVED so many moments in this movie… It’s the movie as a whole I’m not sure about… I think it’s worth watching… in retrospect I think I would have LOVED to see this on IMAX 3-D… I think you’re going to have to make up your own mind. And really if you want to just enjoy it? Try not to think too hard.