Hey there! This is my first attempt at actually working with Word Press and Comic Press (beyond what I’ve done posting on sites set up by other folks  which were already set up all pretty-like) So I’m in the learning phase. Please be patient with me… I’m a html hard coder… that’s how I started with web stites and I’m still sorta stuck in those stone ages… I don’t get css… but I want to learn, I want to move past this feeling that I am a cave man screaming at shadows on the cave wall and learn about what is… a fairly established thing… so thank you for watching and enjoying the comic WHILE I blunder through the web design end of things. I will be migrating the archives over to this site this weekend but it might take me some time till I get this all figured out, but unless I genuinely mess this site up all that should change is the window dressing… Hope you enjoy the characters that and craziness that ensues here at tankmonkeycomic.com please feel free to let me know what you think!